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How to get rid of neck wrinkles

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How to get rid of neck wrinkles does not necessarily need surgical intervention or chemical preparations, when it comes to the skin, some turn to care for the face without the neck, and this orientation may be a common mistake we do not realize its results only after age and the appearance of wrinkles, it is worth mentioning that the appearance of wrinkles is normal,

Tips for delaying the appearance of wrinkles with the neck

Exercise light

Preventing the appearance of wrinkles in the neck depends on reducing the downward movement of the head, which causes compression of the layers of the skin in the neck and the formation of lines, which are many in-office workers.

So we can activate the muscles in the neck and prevent the occurrence of cavernous lines, by some light exercise that relieves office work fatigue.


Sun exposure supports the production of vitamin D necessary for body growth, but UV rays may have a more serious impact on women's skin than men, forcing us to use proper sunscreen.

Natural hydration

A regular facial hydration program will give the desired long-term results in delaying the appearance of lines and wrinkles and will work to tighten the skin and support the elasticity of the skin.

Drink water

Drinking the daily need for water will prevent dryness of the skin, promoting the processes of the expulsion of toxins that make the skin pale and weak.

Balanced food

  • Vitamin A tightens and rejuvenates the skin to produce collagen, recommended from apricots, vegetables, and fish.
  • Vitamin C promotes collagen, fights wrinkles and sun skin pigmentation, and is found in citrus fruits.
  • Vitamin E protects and restores skin from age-related cell damage, and is found in olive oil and dairy products.
  • Vitamin B3 increases the production of ceramide(waxy fat in the cell), which preserves skin moisture, and is found in Peanuts and avocados.
  • Alpha hydroxy acids in berries, pumpkins, and oranges help improve neck collagen, to support skin layers with a single straightener.
  • Antioxidants in healthy foods fight aging, represented by green tea, grapes, and dark chocolate, some women in their fifties may describe the secret of their skin, which resembles the skin of a child, as the result of drinking green tea regularly.
  • Bio-anti-inflammatory in healthy foods works to prevent irritation, allergies, and skin inflammation, such as curcumin with turmeric.


Taking vitamins is from natural foods, made from them carries the opposite risk of supporting the skin, as a result of poisoning, so you should consult a doctor in them.

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