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How to increase a child's self-confidence

How to increase a child's self-confidence

Developing your child's self-esteem is essential for a happy and successful life. The greater the child's self-esteem, the more realistic he will have an understanding of his strengths and weaknesses. If a child has a negative sense of self-esteem, he or she has an increased sense of low confidence and difficulty controlling his or her feelings.

Research suggests an increasing number of adolescents have low self-esteem, which is more prevalent among girls than boys. Statistics show that 70% of girls in Western countries suffer from low self-esteem, especially when it comes to body image. Girls at the age of 10 are afraid of being overweight, and it often happens when they compare themselves to others. On the other hand, excessive obesity is the number one cause of low self-esteem in boys.

Causes of a child's low self-confidence

When parents fail to meet the needs of their children, this can result in the child growing up without any association with their parents. So, is the immediate care is necessary to help build a child's confidence and make him feel good about himself.

More importantly, if a parent has low self-esteem, this can affect the child; therefore, parents should not speak negatively about themselves in front of the child so that it does not make him feel that he needs to change something in himself to be happy.

Ways to develop a sense of self-esteem in your child

Spend valuable time with your baby

Spend valuable time with your child. Whatever his age, do an activity with him so that you give him full attention, making him feel important and thus improving his self-esteem.

Development of a positive child image

You must develop a positive image of your child about the same. The child is very interested in your opinion and always wants to please you. So be sure to focus on the positive aspects.

Training the child to take responsibility.

When a child sees that you trust him to do something, the child begins to feel that he is an important part of the family. For example, when a teen and helps in washing dishes, gives him the feeling that he has the ability to achievement after completion of work.

Make him part of a team.

A child who is part of a sports team or any activities consisting of a team is less likely to have low self-esteem, as being part of a team gives the child a sense of belonging. It also helps to work with others to achieve a common goal. Encourage your child always to express his feelings instead of hiding them. Make sure that your home represents a safe environment for your child so that he can express his feelings without fear of passing judgement on them.

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