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How to keep the kidneys intact?

How to keep the kidneys intact?

Total members are very important for hunting, they purify the blood, produce hormones, absorb minerals.

It produces urine, expels toxins, and neutralizes acid, so it needs to be treated with love.

We will give 10 habits that preserve the integrity of the kidney.

1. Drink enough water

The most important function of the kidneys is to purify the blood and expel toxins and excrement. And when you don't drink enough water during the day, you'll start.

Toxins and excrement accumulate and may cause harm to the body.

2. Not too much salt in food

The body needs sodium or salt to function properly, but most people eat too much of it which can raise the pressure.

The blood and the kidneys a lot of stress. The basic rule is not to eat more than 5 g of salt per day.

3. Access to the bathroom when needed immediately

Many of us ignore the call of having to enter the bathroom because of the preoccupation or unwillingness to enter the public bathrooms.

Not getting rid of urine regularly increases urine pressure and can lead to kidney failure, kidney stones, and urinary incontinence.

So the body's need to urinate must be met immediately.

4. Not too many sugars

Scientific studies have shown that people who eat day 2 or more drinks containing sugar more.

Know the existence of the protein in Yola, the presence of protein in the urine is an early sign that the kidneys are not doing their job as they should.

5. Lack of vitamins and minerals

Adhering to a clean whole diet, rich in fresh vegetables and fruits, is very important for overall health and the functioning of the kidneys.

Well. Many of the losses can increase the risk of kidney stones or kidney failure.

For example, a lack of vitamin B6 and magnesium is very important for reducing the risk of developing stones.

6. Reduce animal protein intake

Excessive consumption of protein, especially red meat, increases the burden of Metabolism on the kidneys, so more protein.

It means the kidneys work more effortlessly, which can lead to kidney damage over time.

7َ. Sleep deprivation

Everyone knows how important it is to sleep at night, permanent sleep deprivation is associated with many diseases and kidney disease is at the top of the list.

During night sleep, the body repairs damaged kidney tissue.

8.Not having too much coffee

Not only salt, but caffeine can also raise blood pressure and load the kidneys more, and over time you eat a lot of.

Coffee can cause kidney damage.

9. Avoid painkillers

Most people resort to painkillers to treat mild pain such as headaches, while there are many safe natural remedies available.

Excessive use of these analgesics can lead to severe damage to the liver and kidneys.

10. Abstaining from alcohol

Alcohol is actually a legal toxin that increases the burden on the kidneys and liver.

To maintain the health of these two organs it is important to eat plenty of Fresh, Whole Foods.

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