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How to measure pressure with an electronic device at home

How to measure pressure with an electronic device at home

How to pressure-measuring device electronic latest treatments and information first and that I should respect her man normal, also the league of blood pressure step on the path to heart health, but a close reading Don't talk with many common mistakes, kept her for a more accurate measurement :

Check your equipment :

Make sure your equipment is always working properly, comparing its reading with other devices, the sphygmomanometer should be in good condition, its batteries are new if it is electronic, and if you use manual, make sure the stethoscope is clean to hear more accurately.

Relaxation :

Blood pressure rises and falls depending on your body's condition, anxiety, anxiety or anger, which can trigger a false alarm by measuring so take a few moments of calm relaxation before measuring from sitting and deep breathing.

Make sure the fabric bracelet fits.:

The bracelet should cover three quarters of the section of his upper arm. It should be tightly closed. If the bracelet is incorrectly, the reading is inaccurate.

Hand position :

Your arm should be at the same level as your heart. If your hand is higher be reading lower than the actual reading. And if it is below the level of your heart, the reading is higher than the real one .

Adjust your sitting position :

Basing your back to the chair and feet on the floor is the best position for accurate reading. Avoid paying attention while taking blood pressure and legs to position one . Breathe deeply and calmly.

Don't read right away. :

Often a person, nurse or family member tries to remember blood pressure and record it later. This leads to a lot of errors in monitoring your pressure . So: be sure to write them down in your health record directly from the pressure gauge.

Take your blood pressure at home :

Even if you see a doctor regularly, it's a good idea to measure it at home on a regular basis. There are many things that can determine the change in blood pressure, away from the time a doctor's visit, including anxiety and anger along when the parking lot like, and other things . Take your blood pressure routinely at home and keep it on record, and bring it with you when you see a doctor, doctor's office readings are different from your home readings. This achieves an integrated reading of your blood pressure, thus monitoring the health of your body and heart.

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