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How to prevent and treat gestational diabetes

How to prevent and treat gestational diabetes

Prevention of gestational diabetes in light of the increasing prevalence of gestational diabetes in the UAE has become a necessity, as knowing your risk of developing diabetes is essential to maintaining your health and that of your baby.

Asking a pregnant woman about her health concerns during the nine months of pregnancy should lead to an answer that includes reference to the problem of weight gain. Although weight gain during pregnancy is inevitable, constitute all of the excessive weight gain or obesity before pregnancy and during the most important factors that increase the likelihood of exposure to the risk of gestational diabetes, which can have serious consequences on the health of women and their children alike.

Information about gestational diabetes

  • Although the results of studies indicate that the incidence of gestational diabetes among women globally is around 6 to 8 percent, Dr. Fadi George Hashim, consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist at Burjeel Hospital in Abu Dhabi, reveals that this percentage is significantly higher in the UAE:
  • The prevalence of diabetes in the UAE is high, accounting for about 19 percent of the total population, and the proportion of cases at risk of developing the disease is about 17 percent.
  •  The percentage of women with gestational diabetes is about 10 percent.”
  • Women with diabetes should make sure they get the right treatment before and during pregnancy
  • There are a host of other factors that increase the risk of diabetes in women who don't usually have blood sugar problems.

  • Women are more likely to develop gestational diabetes in the following cases: obesity, family history of diabetes, having large children or having previous congenital abnormalities, or having pre-existing gestational diabetes.
  • Excessive weight gain in the early stages of pregnancy is an important indicator of your risk of developing gestational diabetes later on.
  • Attention to monitoring weight, blood pressure and cholesterol levels before and during pregnancy are key factors contributing to the Prevention of the disease.
  • Work to lose weight of the patient who suffers from obesity before pregnancy is extremely important.
  • Regardless of the risk factors mentioned earlier, every pregnant woman must undergo the necessary examinations and tests between the 24th and 28th weeks of pregnancy.
  • Despite the negative consequences and effects that gestational diabetes can have on both mother and child, this risk can be greatly reduced if the patient is properly treated throughout the pregnancy.

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