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How to prevent a child from taking the (W) position

How to prevent a child from taking the W position

(W) position is not certainly the appropriate position to sit your child, especially in the first ten years of the child's life, in the first five years of the child's life, his bones are soft and easy to form and change as a result of normal movement, so parents should advise their children not to bend the back, they should teach their children :

What is (W) mode damage

If the child takes this position as the primary sitting position, it is dangerous for him because it will affect the shape of the soft leg bones.

This pose poses a great strain on the hip, an additional strain on the knee bones, and also affects the nature of the movement of the torso.

This position in old age may lead to knee pain and inflammation, as well as deforming the shape of the leg and the man as a whole.

How to prevent a child from using this pose?

  • The most influential and easily to prevent the child from this situation is to prevent it from becoming a habit of his first, by preventing him from using it whenever we have observed it uses.
  • Keep a constant watch over your baby and his sitting style .
  • When playing on the floor teach your child to join his knees and feet together .
  • If the child cannot sit alone in any position other than W, talk to a therapist about supportive sessions or permanent positions such as lying down.

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