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Indigestion causes, prevention and treatment

Indigestion causes, prevention and treatment

The digestive system in the human body is an amazing organ, which is always working for your benefit, and does a balanced act to separate the nutrients you need from the sticky substance, but sometimes a person feels indigestion, which may cause colic or abdominal pain and other symptoms, the method offers you 8 easy and amazing ways to prevent indigestion.

The most important ways to prevent indigestion:

1.Start your day with hot water and lemon

Allow your body to breathe in the morning when you wake up, and try not to eat directly what forces your digestive system to focus on dealing with the food you just entered, instead of concentrating on specialty which had entered last night.

Replace the cup of coffee with a glass of hot water and a little lemon juice, which will stimulate the work of the digestive system.

2.Add probiotics to your food)

Probiotics are useful bacteria, living in the digestive system, which are necessary for healthy digestion, and are found in fermented foods, e.g. yogurt that contains these bacteria naturally, also can be obtained through capsules, research has confirmed that these bacteria help reduce intestinal problems such as constipation, inflammation of the intestine, so try to add sources of these beneficial bacteria to your diet.

3.Stay away from Unreal food.

Say goodbye to ready-made white food, which means sugar, fiber-free fast food, and all foods that supply your body with large amounts of calories without nutritional benefit that is, they are not real food.Fill your fridge with real nutritious foods that delight your digestive system, such as whole grains, leafy vegetables, and other foods that contain a large amount of fiber along with fatty acids and phyto-rich substances, all that can promote your body's health.

4.Eat a good amount of fiber

Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are the best sources of dietary fiber for a healthy and well-digested food.So add to your diet all foods rich in fiber such as, the pear, apples, beans, sunflower seeds, almonds, and.

5.Eat aloe juice.

Studies have confirmed that drinking aloe juice calms and relaxes the intestines and the entire body, and gives the same result when you put a little of it on sunburn to relieve pain

6.Add spicy food to your diet

Spicy food has been used for thousands of years to counter nausea and soothe the digestive system, and ginger is at the top of the list of foods that help digestion, along with turmeric, vinyl, and mint.

7.Keep moving.

Inside you won't talk if you don't move from the outside.Research shows that sports help good bacteria in the digestive system, while lack of movement causes several problems such as constipation, so drink juice, do exercises, ride a bike, do yoga, dance, jump, and be constantly moving to make digestion healthy.

8.Drink plenty of water.

Water is an essential pillar of a healthy life, and plays a key role in digestion, so improve your lifestyle by drinking plenty of water daily, especially if you have problems with digestion, and try to drink a liter of it before the evening because it will energize your body.If you don't like drinking water alone, try adding oranges, cucumber slices, lemons, or even some berries.

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