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Lack of water in the body causes 5 alarming symptoms

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Lack of water in the body there are a lot of invisible signs, which alert us to the need to eat more fluids, we all worry about the visible signs of lack of hydration, such as yellow urine, feeling thirsty, and dry mouth, but what about the less obvious signs, such as behaving strangely?

Experts say these signals are paralleling, if not more important, the obvious ones, because they are a signal that hydration has fallen back from normal levels, such as doing strenuous exercise without drinking enough water.

Our bodies need water and other fluids to function properly, but if they become not hydrated, some processes will not be performed normally, and severe lack of hydration, according to experts, results such as overheating, fatigue, and in some cases even death.

And sometimes drink sufficient amounts of water is harder than it sounds especially in summer, he's determined to keep the body hydrated, and thus to stay healthy.

The vast majority of people do not drink the required amount of water, which is 9 cups a day for women, and drinking water is the best, but these cups include other liquids. In the case of excessive sweating, this necessarily means that the amount of water drunk must be increased.

Less obvious signs of low body hydration:

1. Bad breath

If the body is low in moisture, the levels of saliva will decrease, making the mouth susceptible to germs that cause an unpleasant odor, if suddenly there is a bad breath smell, you should drink more water regularly. He is the only one who can get rid of them.

2. Feeling upset

Feeling upset and stressed can be a sign of several things, but if you haven't drunk a lot of water recently, the cause can be a lack of body moisture, something that usually doesn't happen suddenly, unless the person is working on a hot day and may sweat a lot.

3. Feeling suddenly hungry for food

The liver needs water to function properly, and when we don't give it what it asks for, it sends signals to the brain that the body needs fuel, and instead of drinking water, it makes that person think they're hungry and causes them to crave food.

4. The skin doesn't get back in place quickly after being pinched.

If the skin of the back of the hand is gripped and pulled up, then let go, it should quickly return to its place, but this does not happen with people who suffer from lack of hydration, as their skin returns to its place more slowly than usual, and this is a good signal that the body is not sufficiently moisturized, without proper moisture, the

5. Stop sweating

It sometimes seems like it's not a sign of a lack of hydration, but according to a specialist from New Jersey Medical Center, it's a sign of hyperthermia, and it's traditionally caused by the lack of fluid the body tries to maintain. If this happens, help should be sought immediately and see a doctor or other specialist.

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