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Lactating foods that naturally produce milk

Lactating foods that naturally produce milk

Foods that produce milk for a baby during the feeding period, affect your body and your baby's development. Following a proper diet remains a priority and essential in all circumstances, you should be aware of the risks of an unhealthy and nutrient-poor diet, even if you feel that breastfeeding milk is good for you, and the reasons we will explain . Eating healthy foods helps to restore and enhance the lack of nutrients the body loses during lactation, and ensures that milk is as nutritious as it should be for your baby's proper development .

1. try to maintain a balanced diet :

Eat at least three full, rich meals a day, supported by a range of healthy foods and varied snacks. And if you find eating six small meals is better for you, support it with fruits, diverse vegetables, lean proteins, support it with whole grains while limiting empty-calorie diets ( since empty calories have the same energy content as other calories, but lack many nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, and dietary fiber) avoid them.

So it must be your snacks from fruits and vegetables fresh, so you're lucky if you can get them and make them in your meals instead of biscuits or potato chip bags are harmful.

2 - make fish in your weekly plans programs :

Eating fish provides you with a healthy and natural source of protein, it provides essential omega-3 fatty acids. You can feel healthier with other types of seafood (of course low mercury) such as salmon, Light canned tuna, catfish, tilapia (combfish), cod, shrimp, crabs, calamari and oysters, and eat it two or three times a week.

Note :

The presence of mercury in fish due to marine pollution, can cause health problems, especially for pregnant women, nursing mothers and young children. So we chose low mercury as indispensable for the health of its protein.

3. get enough calories every day :

Lactation, and milk in the tits consumes a lot of your energy, when you breastfeed your child, you should take about 500 extra calories a day. But what kind of calories are we talking about here? Fast foods have a lot of calories, but did you know that a calorie is not nutritious ! So: she's not the kind you need. But you can eat very little from time to time, but make the most of it through healthy meals.

4-eat foods that promote the production of lactating milk :

You can choose healthy foods and snacks during the day, boosting the healthy supply of milk production. Such as oatmeal, chickpeas, vegetables (dark green) and almonds, to be excellent supplements and additives to your diet for good healthy lactation.

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