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Medicinal plants that can be grown at home

Medicinal plants that can be grown at home

Medicinal herbs or plants have long been known to be used in the treatment of some mild or even preventable diseases, such as headaches, colic, diarrhea, ... Here are the most important of these medicinal plants that you can grow in your garden and take advantage of them instead of taking medications that can harm health in the long run:

Medicinal plants that can be grown in the garden of the house:

1. Basil

When you bulge, lose appetite, etc., basil is useful for picking soft leaves when needed.

2. Chamomile

The heads of this medicinal herb are used to treat indigestion and calm colic, anxiety and stress, infections and irritations.


If you have a cold or flu, try this herb to get rid of symptoms and support body immunity.

4. Chrysanthemums

Leaves and flowers for this herb are used in tea, chewing leaves to relieve head pain, and benefiting in rheumatism, and skin conditions.

5. Violets

This herb has anti-inflammatory properties, is good for eczema and skin defects, and helps get rid of sputum.

6. Lavender

The smell of this plant alone is calm and relaxing, relieves pain and is used as a disinfectant for wounds and bruises.

7. Melissa

Close mint, help get rid of anxiety, insomnia, wounds, insect bites, flatulence, stomach disorder, and speed up the healing of cold.

8. Velvet Flower 

Useful for sunburn, acne, and skin defects, it inhabits ulcers and digestion problems.

9. Parsley

Don't look at it as a decorative plant, it's rich in natural materials, therapeutic forces for flatulence, and bad mouth odor.

10. Mint. 

Mint is useful for indigestion or gas, and a cup of it feels good, and it also inhabits headaches.

11. rosemary

Helps strengthen memory and concentration, adjusts mood, and gives a good breath.

12. Al , Mirmiyah

It was used early as a treatment, not for cooking, help relieve throat pain and laryngitis and help get rid of colic and diarrhea.

13. Thyme

The main ingredient in thyme is the presence of thimol, an effective disinfectant, which is recommended for use in cases of cough, indigestion and the presence of gases.

14. The herb of the den or (St. John)

Its bright leaves and yellow flowers are the active part of it, if you have a minor to moderate depression, you only have to resort to this herb.
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