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Method of prevention of tooth stains.. White, yellow and black ?

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White tooth spots are a common issue, where a warm smile and a shiny white pearl set are the cornerstone of the perfect selfie, and the best way to keep your smile in perfect condition is to follow good oral hygiene practices. Poor oral care leads to many dental problems including discoloration of teeth. Drinking tea and coffee, a well-known and frequent habit in Middle Eastern society, is a major cause of tooth discoloration. Dr. Sarah Hisham, a well-known dentist and oral care expert in Himalaya, offers us a list of useful tips that can help keep your teeth free of stains.

  1. Drink water after consuming drinks that stain your teeth such as tea and coffee that contain strong alkalis. If the liquid settles on your teeth for a long time, the stains will become more dense, so you should rinse your mouth with lukewarm water after meals and then brush it with a toothbrush after 30 minutes.
  2. Drink drinks that cause tooth discoloration but in moderation, and use a straw during cold coffee or tea as the drink can penetrate between the teeth. As for caffeinated drinks and served hot, take care that the lid of the Cup comes with a straw.
  3. To sugarless gum instead of caffeine intake to stimulate the salivary glands, which in turn neutralize and balance the pH levels in the mouth.
  4. Finally, visit your dentist at least twice a year for regular check-ups, teeth and mouth cleaning, and get specialist dental advice and oral care tips. Early detection and treatment of dental and oral problems can help ensure better oral health over a lifetime.

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