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Method of treating dizziness during pregnancy naturally

Method of treating dizziness during pregnancy naturally

Dizziness treatment during pregnancy is according to the type and timing of this dizziness, where dizziness or vertigo is different from the case of headache, dizziness is a condition that the patient feels the movement of surrounding objects, and it is about to faint and may be accompanied by a feeling of nausea and sweating, and be temporary, frequent or chronic.

During Vertigo, the brain loses contact with sensory receptors due to disturbance of the body's balance centers, which are of two peripheral(vestibular) and one central type.

Causes of dizziness

  • Peripheral (vestibular)
  •  Manifested by disorders of the inner ear responsible for the balance due :
  • Colds, flu, or taking medications.
  • Smoking, diabetes, hypertension, anemia.
  • Unusual sudden movement such as turning or moving from lying to standing.
  • Disturbance of air pressure in the ears in players of inflatable musical instruments.

Central rotor

Caused by disturbance of the balance centers of the nervous system, cerebellum, or brain stem.

Its symptoms differ from vestibular with a severe balance disorder with nausea and less visual confusion.

Risks of dizziness

Although not dangerous, neglect without treatment for a long time, calls for medical care later and may be indicative of heart disease and stroke.

It may develop suffering from standing and walking, migraines, MS, and spinal problems.

Home remedies

Although there are some drugs for Vertigo, the risk of side effects of drugs remains, so we offer some simple home remedies :

Head massage

Head massage stimulates blood circulation to enhance comfort and balance.

Vitamin C

Providing the body's daily need of Natural Vitamin C through fruits and vegetables has been associated with decreased dizziness.

Coriander seeds

Lack of minerals is one of the causes of dizziness, so we soak coriander seeds with water at night, and drink water in the morning.

Ginger syrup

Calm the stomach and stimulate blood circulation with ginger syrup, a great opportunity to prevent dizziness, but without excessive drinking.

Drink water and reduce salt

Dehydration is a major cause of dizziness, and salt increases the dryness of the body, so we must drink the Daily need of water, to keep the brain on balance.

Sleep well

Exhaustion leads to a slowdown in cerebral perception, loss of control over the periphery, and vice versa.


Yoga promotes human feeling internally, which strengthens the brain's abilities for constancy and balance.

Chinese needles

Traditional Chinese medicine can restore blood circulation to the body's balance area, nourish and strengthen it.


The doctor is the safe body to diagnose the condition of dizziness, find out the motives of its causes while advising home treatment for fear of mixtures.

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