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Method of treating joint and bone pain with herbs

Method of treating joint and bone pain with herbs

Treating joint and bone pain with herbs is a step ahead of any chemotherapy because human joints form a major part of the movement system, they are the contact points that connect muscles and bones.

Joint problems will hurt human movement as well as fatigue and pain.

It should be noted that medical, food and physical research is continuing to support joint health, and highlights from this context some natural remedies that will strengthen and support joint stability and contain very simple ingredients:

  • Lemon peel
  • olive oil
  • How to prepare

Put the lemon peel in a bowl with a tight lid, cover the peel with olive oil, and close the lid tightly for 15 days, so that the nutrients interact with each other.

After 15 days put a bit of mixture in a piece of cloth, and hold it as a tie on the pain place for 3-4 hours.

We repeat the operation daily so that we feel better, and avoid tightening the cloth ligament a lot during sleep so that we do not cut the blood on the leg.

Other benefits for lemon

  • Lemon strengthens the immune system because it contains vitamin C with potassium.
  • Maintains the value of PH in the body in an alkaline form despite the acidic nature of lemon.
  • Lemon helps lose weight to its richness with fibers that prevent spasms and contractions of hunger.
  • Lemon is considered a diuretic, which increases the body's clearance rate of bacteria and toxins.

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