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Method of treatment of constipation in infants

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Constipation treatment in infants is something that every mother is looking for, especially in the first months of her baby's life, and constipation is considered one of the real problems facing the infant and cause him discomfort and crying, and may not be considered a health problem in itself if it is caused by malnutrition, and constipation occurs in infants after the difficulty.

  • Signs of constipation in infants
  • Minor swelling in the intestinal area
  • Child discomfort and frequent crying for no reason
  • Dryness and stiffness go out in a child, its lack of occurrence

We can take some preventive measures to prevent constipation :

A diet rich in fiber

Bananas, carrots, and rice are solid foods that cause constipation for the infant, so they should be supported by dietary foods rich in fiber to facilitate bowel movement.

And fiber intake moderation may lead role opposite sex, you should consult your doctor about the best times appropriate for your child to eat solid food.

Keep the child active

Low activity levels in your baby cause bowel stasis and constipation, so infants when solid food is introduced into their food need some help and activity in supporting bowel movement by :

Move the baby's legs with a very gentle movement that resembles a cycling movement if your baby isn't crawling yet.

Increasing the playing time with your child will raise his level of activity, stimulate him to move his body, encourage him to crawl and crawl.

You can massage your baby's abdominal area by hand under the navel very gently to relieve constipation symptoms.

Water and juice

You can resort to water and juice if your baby is older than 4 months, liquids help relieve constipation, preferably water and apple juice, drink juice once a day in a small amount, and should consult your doctor about the amount of water and juice safe for your baby.

Switching food for children by months

There are many commercial products dedicated to baby food in the markets, and all of them contain instructions for the method of use dedicated to the ages of children by months, and the appearance of constipation after choosing the right type for your child is clear evidence of the health of this type of food for your child, and we must change the


Persistent constipation after following preventive steps indicates a health problem that requires medical care.

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