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Method of treatment of gout naturally

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Gout is a form of inflammatory disease of the joints due to the excess of uric acid in the body, and its pain increases as crystals form on the joints .

Causes of increased pain

Pain after high blood uric acid may intensify as a result of eating meat or drinking alcohol, and pain may be caused by the state of rapid formation of crystals on the joints after significant physical activity

Gout attacks can include 8-12 hours of intense pain, followed by a few days of discomfort, gout pain may be continuous for days or years, all depending on treatment approach, lifestyle and diet, so people replace medications with traditional treatments to adapt to the long treatment period .

Benefits of sour cherry juice for gout

It is worth mentioning that uric acid levels are negatively affected by the nature of the foods we eat, especially sugars and fats, and in turn are positively affected with some other foods that help relieve the symptoms of gout, including cherry juice

Cherry varieties are many and different, but generally they are rich in minerals, vitamins, organic compounds and antioxidants that prevent inflammation

Sour cherries are considered one of the best for treating gout because they contain anthocyanins as an antioxidant with flavonoids that are effective in improving renal performance and its blood-purifying functions, and this helps purine treatment ideally to reduce the rate of release of uric acid in the blood, thus reducing the crystals accumulated on the joints and limbs

Sour cherry juice is used as a diuretic to improve kidney function by getting rid of salts, fats, toxins and excess water, all of which contributes to the reduction of uricemia.

Method of drinking juice

We must drink juice without adding sugar to it, because sugar affects similar to alcohol in exacerbating the symptoms of gout .

Some may find it difficult to drink sour juice so we can mix it with green tea or black berry juice to balance the taste .

Side effects of cherry juice and solutions

Weight gain

A glass of cherry juice contains 140 calories, so we should reduce the number of calories we eat with other meals to balance weight, as overweight and obesity are causes of worsening gout symptoms .

Stomach problems

Cherry juice contains a high level of sorbitol which causes the digestive disorder of diarrhea, cramping, bloating and indigestion so the juice is drunk in moderation with a balanced diet .

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