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Methods of prevention of polycystic ovaries

Methods of prevention of polycystic ovaries

Prevention of polycystic ovaries is the solution because a preventive dirhams is better than a treatment bottle, in order to keep your body lively, prevention protects you from the symptoms of polycystic ovaries and the effects of his side medications, so we offer you a number of tips based on avoiding the causes of the disease

 Avoid processed foods

They contain chemicals that can cause a hormonal disorder that causes disease.

Eat foods rich in Chromium

Insulin resistance is one of the causes of the disease, and we recommend that you consult a doctor in the intake of chromium because it is an element found in very small amounts in humans, but does not prevent from eating foods rich in it such as broccoli, meat, liver, whole grains, wheat bran and Brewer's yeast

Physical activity

It is very useful to lose weight and enhance insulin sensitivity considering that this disease is greatly affected by calorie burning disorders, insulin and weight gain

Weight loss

Try a healthy diet to lose weight, without causing a shortage of key nutrients to ensure your body's overall health


Smoking is harmful to the heart and increases the level of the disease-causing androgen


Useful for reducing hormonal disorders, preventing PCOS, helping to tighten and relax the body and keep stress away from the endocrine glands

High-quality carbohydrates

High-quality carbohydrates regulate sugar in a balanced manner which supports the body's insulin balance, because low-quality carbohydrates in cakes, candy and pastries, can raise sugar in a disorderly, unbalanced form of insulin sensitivity

Good protein

Eat lean protein foods, for more control of blood sugar, try turkey meat and fish, while reducing beef and eggs

Healthy fats

Avoid harmful fats, eat healthy fats in moderation to adjust hormones in a balanced manner, and are found in olive oil


If the liver is not good, hormones will build up in your body, be sure to eat liver-friendly foods

Nutrients regularly

Magnesium deficiency causes insulin resistance, and B vitamins are essential for hormonal balance and fat burning

Awareness of treatments

Knowing the causes, symptoms and methods of treatment of the disease, make you aware enough to avoid the disease, and make natural remedies in your diet after consulting a doctor .

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