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Pregnant sleeping position on her back does it affect the fetus ?

Pregnant sleeping position on her back does it affect the fetus ?

Sleeping pregnant on her back is a situation that most doctors warn, the death of the fetus inside the uterus is small, but some studies today indicate that the risk increases when a pregnant woman lies on her back during the last trimester.

This phenomenon was observed after an attempt to investigate the causes of fetal death from the study of the behavioral habits of the routine life of the expectant mother and shows the following :

Facts about pregnant sleep on her back

  • The change in the child's overall activity and heart rate, which causes the fetus to adapt to this situation by reducing oxygen consumption
  • Hypoxia explains the increased risk of fetal death while the mother sleeps on the back
  • Fetal behavioral monitoring of most mothers in this position (lying on the back) recorded increased stress and stress on the baby
  • It is a second factor to reduce the percentage of oxygen on the fetus
  • If this sleep mode does not lead to fetal death, it can be a risk factor for fetal development impairment (congenital malformation)

Due to lack of oxygen and public activity

  • It is obvious that the risk increases with women who smoke or have high blood pressure
  • There is a possible increased risk of clotting of the legs for pregnant women in this sleeping position, so women should sleep on the side to be safe on the fetus

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