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Reasons why you're going to eat fruits all the time

Reasons why you're going to eat fruits all the time

A common hypothesis is the belief that fruits should be avoided when you have diabetes, but recent research confirms that fruit is perfectly healthy for people with the disease. Fruit is not bad for diabetics but is beneficial to them.

The benefits of eating fruits constantly:

1.Fruits resist infections:

Pears, peaches contain special substances called phenolic compounds, which are resistant to inflammation, and research at the University of Texas has found that these compounds go with the bloodstream to reach obesity cells, affecting genes and proteins to be better.

2. Diabetes protection:

Flavonoids are found in the plant, particularly in many fruits, and research has shown that these substances reduce second-degree diabetes, because they improve sensitivity to insulin.
A study showed that women who consume the most anthocyanins (color-giving chromosomes) found in fruits are less likely to develop second-degree diabetes, compared to those who consume less.

3.Fruits help with weight loss:

Research suggests that fruit can actually be more important than vegetables in us related to long-term weight loss.
A University of Utah study followed the dietary habits of 77 people and actually noted that more fruit consumption was associated with weight loss, which was also confirmed by about 16 other studies (eating more fruit, less fines).

4. Eating fruits promotes health and immunity:

In conjunction with vegetables, fruits protect against heart disease, strokes, stomach cancer and colon, and also help resist depression common in diabetics.
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