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Rules for drinking coffee in a healthy way

Rules for drinking coffee in a healthy way

Those of us don't open their day with a great cup of coffee and enjoy their great taste and great benefits, but in simple steps you can only benefit and make coffee healthy, through the rules of drinking coffee

1. Do not drink coffee after 2 pm

Caffeine is an alarm clock, and that's the most important reason we enjoy coffee a lot, caffeine gives us a lot of energy and helps to stay alert when feeling tired because it is preferable to drink it in the morning and avoid drinking it in the evening because it worries sleep, and lack of sleep causes many problems. If necessary, it can be replaced by a cup of tea with less caffeine.

2. Don't put sugar in coffee

It's easy to turn coffee into a commodity that's not suitable for human consumption by adding a large amount of sugar to it, as sugar is the biggest cause of many diseases.

3. Choose good ben quality

As in other foodstuffs, the quality of the product profoundly affects its consumption and usefulness, as coffee beans are vulnerable to spraying of various types of pesticides and toxins. making it unfit for human consumption.

4. Do not use artificial sugar for dessert.

Using artificial sugar for dessert can seem like a good idea, but it's really not recommended because it earns you more calories.

5. Add cinnamon to your coffee

If you want to enjoy a distinctive flavor add cinnamon to coffee, studies have confirmed its great usefulness in reducing blood sugar, cholesterol, and diabetes mellitus. In addition to its good taste.

6. Avoid adding industrial cream 

Adding cream and commercial cream gives you an abnormal substance and endangers you.

7. Add cocoa to your coffee

Cocoa is also antioxidant with many health benefits and resistant to the risk of heart disease. The good flavor it gives to a cup of coffee if added without sugar.

8. Filter coffee using paper filter

Coffee happens to contain some harmful substances that cause high cholesterol levels, and can be disposed of in a simple way as a paper filter.

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