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Scientifically proven health benefits of almonds

Scientifically proven health benefits of almonds

The health benefits of almonds, which have long been known as the most human-loved nuts, are known in diets among ancient Egyptians and Indians. It is one of the tastiest and perhaps least priced types of nuts, some may eat raw or toasted with salt, smoked or even fried, almonds are used in making sweets as well as in decorating rice dishes, you know the benefits of healthy almonds.

1. Almonds help protect against heart disease and strokes

Almonds contain two of the most famous chemical compounds: monounsaturated acids, antioxidants that support cardiovascular health, resist inflammation, improve arteries work and prevent hardening, support healthy cholesterol, blood pressure, and fight obesity.

2. Supports brain function

Almonds are one of the most important foods for the brain, it contains riboflavin and cartin, the two greatest keys affecting neural activity and preventing cognitive decline, so adults frequently take it weekly to relieve infections that cause brain disorders including dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

3. Good for skin

Almonds moisturize the skin and support its ability to heal wounds, an important source of vitamin E and other antioxidants that refresh the skin, prevent signs of aging, and protect against skin cancer.

4. Adjusts blood sugar level 

Almonds slow down blood sugar, prevent insulin resistance, and reduce some sugar-induced problems, such as unhealthy weight increases, infections, and a high level of oxidizing stress.

5. Helps reduce weight and prevents glut

Healthy fats and fiber contribute to weight loss because they feel full.

Some studies have found that almonds support metabolism, as people who are accustomed to eating almonds and nuts have health weights and a lower obesity rate than those who avoid them, and resist excessive consumption of carbohydrates.

6. Increases natural absorption

The body needs enough fat in the diet to absorb soluble dietary fats, such as vitamin A and D.

 It also maintains the acid balance of the body the crucial element of proper digestion and immunity. And resistance to the disease.

7. Increases digestive health

Almonds, especially their crust, are rich in probiotic compounds that help digestion, and the growth of healthy bacteria within the gut,

It improves the functioning of the small intestine.

8. Contributes to cancer and infection resistance

Almonds contain a type of vitamin E, which acts as a stunning antioxidant, that resists the destruction of free radicals,

And oxidation stress that is associated with cancer.

9. Maintains teeth and bone health

Almonds are a source of many minerals such as magnesium and phosphorus important in building and continuing the strength of teeth and bones,

 Its natural properties help improve tooth decay, decay resistance, and reduce fracture problems and resistance to osteoporosis.

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