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Shelf life of vegetables and fruits in the refrigerator

Shelf life of vegetables and fruits in the refrigerator

The shelf life of vegetables and fruits is an important information that must be known to every housewife, and what we must know is that the survival of fruits and vegetables for a long time needs us to check their validity, and the possibility of eating them without having side effects, so how do we know what are the signs that potatoes, for example The question is simple enough to note after the following indicators .

Signs of validity of vegetables and fruits

Fresh fruits and vegetables have a bright shine and yet remain edible as the shine disappears but become harmful if we see some signs such as :

  1. softness by strength
  2. discoloration
  3. runny water from them
  4. mold later
  5.  smell
  6. there may be worms inside the fillets for example and there is no smell so check and confirm through the incision and make sure that.

This also applies to several varieties, such as apples and potatoes .

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