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Shoes diabetic .. Why should he buy it at night ?!

Shoes diabetic .. Why should he buy it at night ?!

The shoes of a diabetic should be of special specifications to suit his condition and take care of his foot , but the surprise scientifically proven that a diabetic patient should measure his shoes and choose it at night and not in the day, and this may seem crazy, but that is not a joke or just news to get a large number of views but.

Siddiqat says that studies have found that the feet of diabetics stretch in the day and then return to normal at night, which is a information that may seem strange and unknown to many, but in fact it is advice for diabetics, and is closely related to this chronic disease, and continued, ” We recommend buying shoes for people with this disease at night because the foot.

He added that diabetes comes from the age of 45 and that there are 321 million people around the world who do not know about their suffering from the disease and its complications, pointing out that every 7 seconds a person in the world dies from diabetes, and that about 95% of diabetes patients around the world are at risk of.

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