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Symptoms of serious during pregnancy should not be ignored

Symptoms of serious during pregnancy should not be ignored

Serious symptoms during pregnancy that should not be tolerated must be known to every pregnant woman, where women during pregnancy experience physiological and psychological changes that last (40) weeks, their forms not only depend on the increase of waist circumference and weight but are accompanied by symptoms that we cannot ignore some of them, namely:

Lack of fetal movement

The mother feels the movement of her fetus after (18) weeks of pregnancy and intensifies after 20, and is proportional to the sleep cycle, and the absence of movement is evidence of the decrease of amino fluid, which requires a doctor's review, and the absence of movement after (38) weeks may require premature birth.

Bleeding and secretions

Vaginal discharge increases during pregnancy, but its transformation into a watery or bloody type requires a doctor's review, which is an early sign of miscarriage.


A visit to the doctor is necessary when the temperature is 37.5 degrees without symptoms of runny nose and flu, fever can cause birth defects of the fetus.

Abdominal pain

Abdominal pain before (37) weeks cannot be ignored, although the occurrence of the lower abdomen and its sides in the first trimester of pregnancy is an indicator of abortion, and in the second and third trimester is an indicator of premature birth or placental separation, and pain in the middle and above (without nausea or vomiting) is an indicator of indigestion, food poisoning or pregnancy poisoning, and requires immediate medical intervention.


The natural increase of the mother without her fetus is estimated at one kilo per month, but weight gain (4) kilos within a month cannot be ignored as it is an indicator of pregnancy poisoning.

Leg pain

Severe leg pain cannot be ignored at the last stage of pregnancy, it may cause blood clots, as a result of increased progesterone in the body and dilation of the veins in the leg, so that the movement of blood becomes slow inside the legs.


Mild headaches are not a cause for concern, but severe headaches in the second or third trimester of pregnancy require a doctor's visit, as sudden and persistent headaches are a serious indicator of pregnancy poisoning.

Dry eye and blurry vision

Hormonal changes lead to many or fewer tears and are associated with blurred vision or dry eye irritation, which is normal, but you should see your doctor if the symptoms are persistent, it is the indicator of pregnancy poisoning.


Snoring is common, but its complications lead to delayed development of the fetus, the growth of the uterus and the child puts pressure on the diaphragm of the mother, making breathing difficult, in addition to the presence of high levels of estrogen that amplify the passages and mucous membranes of the nose.

Snoring pregnant women three nights a week before and during pregnancy increases the chances of cesarean section and delivery of a child of a lower than normal size.

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