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Tea bags cause cancer according to the latest study

Tea bags cause cancer according to the latest study

Teabags cause cancer, as confirmed by a new German study, joining a wide range of manufactured products classified as unsafe.

According to the study conducted by researchers from the German University of Embralide, tea bags contain substances that may enhance the appearance of free cells.

According to science daily, the 6 types of teas, three of which were cheap teas and 3 expensive teas, showed that they contained at least four types of pesticides. At least 10 varieties of these harmful substances were found in one type of tea.

The study indicates that the source of risk in these bags is the type of paper used that contains epichlorohydrin, which is used in the manufacture of plastics and pesticides.

Scientists, therefore, advised the use of plain hyper-tea without bags, because according to researchers, tea bags or specifically those made of them were found to be a carcinogen called 3-MCPD and a new problem in the global food sector, once they came into contact with water.

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