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Tea benefits for acne treatment

Tea benefits for acne treatment

Tea is one of the most famous beverages in the world, the first use of tea returns to China where it was used as a medical herb and also as a drink and many types of tea according to the way it is dried and oxidized there is white tea, black or red, green and because of the high demand for tea has produced flavored types of all kinds where fruits and some other herbs were added to it and he drinks cold or hot.

What are the benefits of tea?

  • Tea contains many healthy compounds such as proteins, carbohydrates, important minerals and many vitamins fenol salts
  • Its caffeine content makes it a site of doubt between its benefits and its harms
  • It is the imbalance in drinking tea that causes harm
  • There are some observations about red or black tea where it is said to cause constipation, insomnia, indigestion and nervous system tension
  • The fact that excessive tea leads to these symptoms
  • Red tea has an effect on reducing blood pressure and its oil is useful in the treatment of acne
  • Green tea is the most beneficial consumer drink around the world
  • Green tea leaf compounds have many benefits, especially in weight loss and fat disposal
  • It also improves brain function and activates its cells and protects against numerous cancers and heart disease
  • White tea takes its name from its color as its leaves are picked before maturity as it does not contain chlorophyll
  • One of the most important characteristics is weight loss
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