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That's the best way to treat Alzheimer's.

That's the best way to treat Alzheimer's.

The best treatment for Alzheimer's disease what is it? Today there are more than five million people with Alzheimer's disease, and these numbers are increasing, and who does not know the cause of the disease yet, but believes that the disease is related to our lifestyles.

Nutritional research suggests the importance of a balanced and healthy diet to support brain health and functional efficacy.

Recent research points to a range of foods that will raise brain metabolism to fight dementia, Alzheimer's, and memory impairment, so in this article, we point to new lights on the relationship of grapes to brain health.

Low brain metabolic activity is a feature trait of early Alzheimer's patients, and the results of the study showed that a high-intake diet with grapes for about six months, will protect the metabolic activity of brain regions from regression.

A high-intake grape diet shows a marked increase in the activity of brain processes associated with attention, performance, and working memory, compared to grape-free diets.

This boost to brain activity will fight Alzheimer's, as the disease is linked to decreased memory and cognitive skills.

Evidence coming from experimental studies supports the role of grapes in nerve, heart, and arterial health, but clinical studies are needed to confirm these effects.

The study showed improved brain metabolism and cognitive performance of some patients with dementia symptoms six months after introducing 2 cups of grapes a day to their diet.

Grape polyphenols promote antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities, brain health research has pointed to grapes as a booster that prevents brain oxidative stress which supports and promotes blood perfusion thus improving memory and fighting inflammation.

Activities that fight Alzheimer's and support the brain along with grapes

Practicing yoga and following a light and balanced sports regime will raise cerebral perfusion rates and thus elevate activities associated with memory and cognition.

Research indicates the importance of reading as a supporting role for Brain Cognitive and functional activities, especially reading associated with thinking and analysis.

A healthy and balanced diet of fruits and vegetables will fight the disease besides abstaining from drinking alcohol and smoking.

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