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The benefits and damages of sugar

The benefits and damages of sugar

Sugar is a compound with white atoms that is very similar to salt and sugar is the one that gives the sweet taste to extract sugar from certain plants such as sugary schonder and sugar cane in all its forms corn syrup, honey, maple syrup and sugar found in fresh fruit gives the body natural energy:
Two types of sugar are white (used to sweeten food called Table , soft sugar , and powder ) and brown sugar:
  • Sugar is the main ingredient that gives the sweet taste of foods and drinks hot or cold
  • Boiling water with certain amounts of sugar also forms droplets
  • Moderation in sugar intake is very important as its abundance causes serious diseases such as cancers and heart disease
  • As a compound in itself, it does not contain any useful nutrients, protein or fat, not even enzymes
  • Sugar is full of calories that adversely affect human health and increase the weight
  • Sugar is a powerful nutrient for tooth decay bacteria
  • It is a cause of second-degree diabetes dangerous for long-term health as it damages the body's systems
  • Sugar raises triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood and also lowers good fat
  • Sugar loses its elasticity and manipulates the structure of collagen, leading to aging of the skin and the appearance of wrinkles
  • Sugar inhibits the absorption of certain minerals from the body such as potassium and magnesium, which impedes the healthy growth of humans
  • It is said that Mr. Brown important benefits as it contains numerous nutritional elements some vitamins , folic acid ,antioxidants and amino
  • Brown sugar plays a big role in the treatment of vitiligo disease as it balances the skin's secretion of melanin and distributes the pigment evenly
  • Some recent studies prefer to replace white sugar with almond sugar and rely on brown sugar it lightens the weight and has healthy compounds for the body compared to white
  •  The body needs sugar but in moderate amounts, the decrease in its percentage in the body causes dizziness and nausea
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