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The benefits of bay leaf .. For joints

The benefits of bay leaf .. For joints

Bay leaf is one of the oldest and most important plants found in the Earth and the bay leaf has been used in many ways throughout history as the Queens of the ancient world Xenobia and Cleopatra considered the laurel one of the most important plants because it has good effects on the skin , especially oil , as mentioned Laurel in ancient Roman and Greek stories and Legends where it was considered a symbol of

The benefits of bay leaf :

  • The laurel tree is a perennial tree that bears small, olive-shaped fruits and is the element from which the oil is extracted, from which the most important types of natural soap are made .
  • The essential ingredients found in Laurel oil are used in many traditional medicines such as arthritis, muscle pain, bronchitis and flu symptoms
  • Laurel contains a range of minerals ( iron , manganese, calcium, potassium, copper, selenium, zinc and magnesium) important vitamins for the health of the body's organs such as vitamin A, W ,
  • The addition of bay leaf is not limited to a delicious taste but contains important elements and benefits for the body and its organs
  • Bay leaf helps to produce insulin, which causes low sugar levels in the blood so it is ideal for diabetics
  • It also enhances the resistance of the heart against diseases and blood vessels
  • Treat digestive disorders, especially abdominal bloating, constipation and stomach acidity
  • Benefit the respiratory system and increase its immunity against colds and flu especially fresh leaves rich in vitamin W
  • Bay leaf relieves joint pain and rheumatism
  • Antioxidants that help protect against multiple cancers, especially breast cancer
  • Helps support fetal health and prevents abnormalities
  • Bay leaves are considereduseful in the treatment of kidney infections and stones
  • Get rid of the toxins they are considered diuretic and know your body
  • Bay leaf helps in wound healing
  • The range of vitamins it contains keeps the skin healthy and gives it a beautiful look

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