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The benefits of cardamom.. Abdominal gas repellent

The benefits of cardamom.. Abdominal gas repellent

Cardamom belongs to the family of gingers to which other types of spices belong, cardamom is the main ingredient in curry spices as used in the flavoring of sweets, alcoholic beverages, cakes, bread, gum and meat, and the hill in the ancient Indians had many medical uses, which is such as ginger tonic and relieves indigestion headaches and flatulence.

Magic cardamom benefits:

  • Many researches showed a wonderful medical discovery after the work of many researches and studies on people who eat cardamom a lot whether by adding it to food or by taking directly, and discovered that it has a magical ability to repel and defeat diseases, especially cancer, which analysis showed the ability of hal to defeat and eliminate cells, thanks to containing a good percentage of antioxidants resistant to diseases and bacteria.

Other benefits:

  • The Greeks and Romans used it as a spice for cooking.
  • In some parts of the world, cardamom is grinded and mixed with coffee.
  • In South Asia green cardamom is widely used to treat tooth and gum infections
  • It's a fiber-rich spice.
  • Cardamom is used in traditional Indian medicines and is used in various Indian cooking dishes
  • The green crust of this plant is dried and the seeds inside it are used complete or ground in Asian and Indian cuisine.
  • The oil made from the roots of the cardamom is good for the digestive system and acts as a laxative for the abdomen, wind repellent, treats indigestion, nausea, constipation, diarrhea and flatulence.
  • Volatile essential oils in cardamom prevent the growth of viruses, bacteria, fungi and mold
  • Drinking it with green tea protects clots and strokes by preventing platelet aggregation and sticking to arterial walls
  • It also lowers cholesterol and blood pressure and strengthens the heart
  • Chewing cardamom seeds to sweeten the breath as they eliminate bacteria and fungi in the gums and mouth as it protects teeth from decay
  • This stinging spice helps chew and relieve symptoms of cold and influenza as it is used in bronchitis and cough
  • Cardamom, such as ginger and turmeric, has some anti-inflammatory properties that reduce pain and swelling, especially in mucous membranes, mouth and throat.
  • It stops the growth of cancer cells and kills some cancers, which are antioxidants that get the body rid of free radicals.
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