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The benefits of carrots for the body will make you eat it every day

The benefits of carrots for the body will make you eat it every day

Benefits of carrots for the body a topic that many are looking for Carrots has high health benefits of all kinds and mention of them:

  • Improved vision
  • Facilitate digestion
  • Minerals in it prevent yellowing of teeth
  • This leads to the stimulation of saliva and its juice is very useful for people.
  • Five types (red, orange, yellow, but purple and black) and their benefits, including the content of antioxidants
  •  Prevents carrot red oxidation of fats in the blood it contains lycopene, which protects against heart disease
  • Orange has beta-carotene which spills vitamin A useful for the eyes and skin and cleanses the body-
  • Purple Sycamore is similar to Orange but contains anthothianine, a very powerful antioxidant
  • Black carrot oil is useful for hair as it (as carrots) reduces bad cholesterol and also protects against some cancers as in the case of yellow carrots, especially lung cancer.
  • Parsnip although it is the least pigmented species, it contains dietary fiber that helps clean the colon and facilitates digestion.
  • The presence of vitamin A and oxidative flashes in the island protects the skin from the sun and nourishes it, as it is used in sea oils used to acquire skin brown color.
  • Carrots are eaten raw or cooked (boiled, grilled, and included in salads) and served as an appetizer (kebabs)
  •  It is believed that his cultivation began in Afghanistan, now his cultivation extends throughout the world from Europe to the middle and the Far East

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