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The benefits of cherry . A friend of diabetics

The benefits of cherry . A friend of diabetics

Cherries are the most characteristic of this fruit is its flower, which is famous for its beauty covering gardens and streets, especially in Japan, as for the fruit of cherries, it is the favorite summer fruit with a delicious taste and is a member of the same family to which the almonds, peaches and dates belong, and there are two basic types of sweet and sour cherries, also called Palmer and eaten fresh and snacks as used in the manufacture of jams sandwiches cakes and ice creams.

What are the benefits of cherries?

Cherry increases body energy rates

  • Rich in vitamins, minerals (the most important sources of potassium), antioxidants, especially melanone and other compounds
  • The most important feature of cherries is the incitement to the secretion of insulin, which contributes to the treatment of diabetes in order to maintain a balanced sugar content in the blood
  • Facilitates digestion because of its fibers and treats constipation
  • It's low in calories and feels full for longer periods, helps with weight loss.
  • Reduces joint pain and infections during pregnancy and increases the body's immunity with potassium and iron
  • Cherries play an active role in treating insomnia and good sleep as mood improves
  • Maintains heart health and lowers cholesterol and fat levels
  • Helps lower blood pressure
  • Fights body cancer with fiber, betacaroten and vitamin C
  • Helps maintain kidney health as it contributes to the fragmentation of renal stones
  • Cherries are used to make delicious and useful juices
  • Maintains healthy skin and slows aging

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