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The benefits of chocolate men & women

The benefits of chocolate men & women

The benefits of chocolate are very many, especially to raise the mood, and it is known that chocolate was first produced by the civilizations of Central America, and when the Europeans arrived in America, cocoa was used in the manufacture of sauces and sweet and bitter drinks, especially for the nobles , and it is known that the role of chocolate in improving :

So what are the benefits of chocolate?

1. Chocolate lowers blood pressure, flavonoids in cocoa help control arterial tension by increasing the amount of nitric oxide in the blood, and studies have shown that dark chocolate is effective as an anti-hypertension drug, which contributes to a person's comfort and balance of desire.

2. Chocolate can reduce heart attack risk by 50%, coronary disease by 10%, and early death by 8% .

3. Chocolate improves blood circulation to the brain 2-3 hours after eating

Flavonoids dilate the blood vessels in the brain, allowing for as much blood flow as possible (including oxygen), and in this way the brain will resist fatigue, fatigue and aging, improve memory, learning, and organ functioning.

4. Chocolate makes a person in a good mood.

Vinyl ethylamine, released by the brain and also found in chocolate, which tempts a state of euphoria and excitement during the boot for intimate contact. This molecule increases the feeling of excitement, dizziness and enhances desire .

Everyone experiences a good feeling after eating chocolate, which does not contain the hormone of happiness or serotonin, but tryptophan, which the brain converts into serotonin, which inhibits depression and thus induces intimate contact.

5. Chocolate increases the amount of sugar in the blood, due to flavonoids, chocolate helps in the process of sugar metabolism, and dark chocolate helps reduce the problems of the development of diabetes.

6. Chocolate resists chronic fatigue

Eating 50g of chocolate a day ( containing 85% cocoa) reduced the symptoms of this disease.

7. Chocolate increase good cholesterol and bad, due to the presence of antioxidants similar to those found in fruit, vegetables, and tea.

8. Can Chocolate be a remedy against cough

The chemical compound contained in cocoa can affect cough more than several drugs, and has no side effects like this.

9. Flavonoids induce better blood circulation and promote erections in men

10.Chocolate includes iron, which is needed for pregnant women, and is abundant in magnesium, which has been shown to relieve menstrual symptoms, and calcium in milk has the same effect, so white chocolate promotes tranquility in men and relaxation in specific special moments.

11. Cocoa as coffee also contains caffeine P and is the source of the benefits of chocolate

12. Some researchers have found that chocolate consumers live an extra year more than those who don't eat it, and other studies have found that it inhibits cell degradation and cancer.

13. Obromine the most bitter chemical compound in chocolate, a semi-alkaline calcavian compound, has been shown to resist tooth decay and is more efficient than fluoride in enhancing the crystal structure of teeth in resisting erosion by acid-producing bacteria related to tooth decay.

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