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The benefits of coriander for sex

The benefits of coriander for sex

The benefits of cilantro are very great whether it is a green coriander or nashafh beans, it is one of the best green leaves that turn the flavor of food into something unforgettable delicious and delicious and irresistible especially when we fry coriander with fasting to prepare Mallow for example or beans with red broth, no doubt the benefits of coriander beans are very large :

What are the benefits of coriander for sex?

  • Appetizing and makes food more acceptable.
  • Strengthening the body's immune system and boosting morale
  • Purify the body of toxins accumulated by unhealthy foods or bad habits such as smoking.
  • Anti-thirst .
  • Anthelmintic and comfortable for the stomach .
  • Repellent to the smell of onions and garlic, chewing .
  •  Anti-nervous tension, insomnia, comfortable for nerves and is the secret of its usefulness for sex 

Important advice:

Do not overdo it with coriander and if you have any health symptoms, we strongly recommend that you consult a doctor.
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