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The benefits of dates on the morning

The benefits of dates on the morning

The benefits of dates on the empty, which is considered one of the delicious winter fruits with a sweet taste and is called winter fruit, which is one of the most beneficial and healthy fruits for the human body, and people consume dates in several ways, such as mixing a paste of dates with milk or milk or with bread and butter, making it more delicious, what are the benefits of this fruit blessed on the empty stomach?

The most important benefits of dates on the throat:

  • Maintains its nutritional properties if eaten fresh or dried and eaten at all stages of its maturity
  • Dates contain vitamin A, which strengthens nerves, especially visual ones, and softens blood vessels.
  • Because of the slooze fiber in it it softens the intestines which addresses the problem of constipation
  • A rich source of minerals where calcium phosphorus contains a high percentage compared to the rest of the fruits
  • Protect against anemia because of its iron
  • Containing magnesium to protect its eaters from colon cancer
  • The date content of Glycos, Levoloz and Scaroz (sugar) is useful in dialysis and liver cleaning
  • Date sugars do not gain excess weight in the body as it is included in many diets to relieve weight
  • Integrated food for you and your family
  •  Relieves intestinal disorders such as diarrhea and constipation
  • Treats the heart and impotence
  •  Provides a high energy especially that this fruit and its tree (palms) played an important role in the life of the Arabs
  • They relied on their wood to build houses, and this blessed fruit provided them with a high food card.
  • Note:
  • Diabetics must consult a doctor

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