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The benefits of Kiwi for men and women

The benefits of Kiwi for men and women

The benefits of kiwi are many where kiwi is a delicious type of tropical fruit that is widely popular all over the world and is famous for its attractive green color and has a brown crust with a rough texture easy to peel.

The most important benefits of Kiwi

  1. the Kiwi is rich compounds and nutrients necessary for the health of your body since it contains proteins , sugars , linoleic acid , minerals ( calcium , potassium , manganese , magnesium ,phosphorous) fiber, vitamins (A , D, B6 ,B12, C , E) .
  2. contains antioxidants such as betacarotene and lutein .
  3. gives the body high energy and helps in weight loss and fat burning .
  4. activates tissue cells and resists inflammation
  5. improves digestion to contain fiber treats indigestion and severe constipation
  6. Kiwi is an important natural material to maintain skin health and freshness, it moisturizes the skin and removes skin pigmentation as well as maintains the vitality and youth of the skin, preventing the appearance of signs of age as well as protects against skin cancer
  7. there are many natural mixtures that are applied to the face and skin Kiwi is a key ingredient in addition to some oils and other natural substances
  8. it is an ideal solution for pregnant problems as it eliminates stomach acidity and constipation as it helps in the growth of fetal organs and bones
  9. vitamin C in addition to its benefits in supporting and strengthening the work of the body's organs, it strengthens the hair and gives it health and shine as well as increases its length
  10. the copper contained in Kiwi is the primary generator of melanin responsible for giving hair color and thus prevents the appearance of white hair
  11. strengthens the child's immunity against respiratory diseases, especially asthma and night cough .

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