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The benefits of lemon on an empty stomach

The benefits of lemon on an empty stomach

A type of citrus with a yellow or green color that is rarely consumed entirely due to the concentration of its lemon sour flavor is a very popular fruit when used in less chemistry with herbs and spices to add a wonderful and refreshing flavor to many sauces drink, sweets and pickles this fruit is a rich source of calcium potassium vitamin w, a magnesium phosphorous iron and fiber and therefore a cup of hot water with lemon juice am is a magical medicine.

What are the benefits of lemons?

  • Lemon and its juice have therapeutic properties, an excellent source of energy and an antioxidant that contains a high percentage of vitamin W that protects and strengthens the body.
  • Contains a ratio of potassium comparable to that of grapes and apples so it is a great treatment for those with heart problems
  • Helps improve brain function and nourish nerve cells
  • Recent studies have confirmed that lemon is very effective in protecting from toxins and preserving the immune system and protecting the body from infections, as the ancient Egyptians said thousands of years ago
  • Helps fight the formation of free radicals that cause cancer
  • Contains pectin fibers beneficial for colon health
  • Lemon activates liver work
  • Lemon maintains the balance of acidity in our bodies
  • One of the most important benefits of lemon is that it maintains the freshness and elegance of the skin as it prevents the appearance of acne or wrinkles
  • Make drinking a glass of warm lemon a morning habit as it facilitates digestion and helps lose weight
  • A good recipe that relieves the stomach is drinking half a lemon juice and a spoonful of honey with warm water in the morning
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