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The benefits of mint that are a must-know

The benefits of mint that are a must-know

One of the most important natural herbs with multiple uses and high (medical or food ):

  • Effective for hundreds of years for its medicinal effects, especially a powerful tranquilizer.
  • Helps with insomnia, headaches, and migraines
  • Peppermint oil affects the muscles convulsive that cause headaches (Mint is used on our tables in all forms where it is eaten fresh as an appetizer or added to salads (vegetables, pasta as it is dried and used as spices after grinding and used as a kind of herbs of medical interest )
  • Contains a high content of antioxidants
  • Effective in cases of catarrh and relieving bouts of strong cough it is a bronchodilator.
  •  Its smart smell activates the salivary gland and activates the digestive system, which facilitates digestion
  • Natural appetizer
  • Very useful in the treatment of colic and indigestion
  •  Mint gives a refreshing flavor to drinks like lemon, tea, etc
  • Peppermint oil has several uses it enters into the composition of toothpaste chewing gum sweets and candies
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