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The benefits of molasses .. For the heart, arteries and intestines

The benefits of molasses .. For the heart, arteries and intestines

The benefits of molasses, which is considered a healthy food that exists since ancient times and is a dense liquid and concentrated taste sweet, sour or spicy we get from certain fruits most famous tomatoes, capsicum , pomegranate, grapes and dates and the benefits of molasses are many because these fruits of food of high health value for the body, molasses is a popular food where.

The benefits and uses of molasses :

  • Contains an important set of nutrients such as vitamins ( A ,B, W ) and minerals such as iron , potassium , calcium , manganese , magnesium, and others.
  • Pomegranate molasses tastes sour and tends to sweet and is used in salads, meat sauces and is also added to some dishes such as okra
  • Depends pomegranate molasses is an excellent alternative to lemon juice
  • As for the medical or therapeutic aspect, its primary use is in the treatment of diseases of the mouth and gums
  • Like thrush, it is a small grain that spreads through the mouth and sometimes reaches the pharynx as a result of internal heat of the body
  • It also facilitates digestion and rid the intestines of its waste
  • It supplies the body's cells with the necessary oxygen to regenerate by increasing the production of red blood cells
  • Molasses or tomato Lord is used in food broths and in some dishes
  • He's a powerful cancer fighter and strengthens his immunity.
  • Capsicum molasses is often spicy in taste and is one of the most delicious additions to dishes
  • How much is considered rich in vitamin second, which strengthens the body's immunity against infectious diseases
  • Grape molasses and dates with a sweet taste are considered an integral food and have many nutritional benefits for the health of the body and provides it with energy and vitality
  • Used primarily in jams in the treatment of jaundice viral hepatitis A
  • They maintain cardiovascular health
  • Reduce cholesterol in the blood
  • It also strengthens memory and activates brain function
  • Protects against multiple cancers, especially brain and large intestine cancers
  • Sweet molasses are often eaten, especially in winter, and sometimes nuts are added to it

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