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The benefits of neem to the skin are information you don't know.

The benefits of neem to the skin are information you don't know.

The benefits of neem for skin are so great that hot and wet weather is the main factor in the appearance of acne, the most prevalent condition for skin problems affecting about 85% of 12-25 year olds. Prevention for long hours in this and the skin loses its moisture leading to melasma, spots, acne and oil.

Neem has been considered a boon for many people over the past decades due to its antibacterial properties. Vitamin C, the main ingredient in NIM, is also known to reduce skin problemsand thus obtain smooth and uniform skin tone. Neem contains 4 levels of antioxidants found in cranberries and artichokes. The abundant amount of vitamin E moisturizes the skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

To introduce this wonderful herb into your lifestyle, here are 4 types of neem products from Himalaya for healthy and Pure Skin.

  1. lead forming dirt and impurities on pores, after a long and tiring day, to the appearance of pimples and acne. Neem Cleansing wipes for skin extracted from the purest natural elements are the perfect solution, removing all kinds of contaminants and dirt from your face and helping you remove cosmetics, even waterproof mascara.
  2. as you carry your cosmetics wherever you go, you should make sure the campaign face lotion extracted from neem as well. Its soap-free formula, enriched with herbal ingredients, helps you cleanse and purify your skin. Repeat to use it several times a day to prevent any blisters or skin problems.
  3. smooth skin as silk and bright as pearls is what you can get when using a skin scrub. Neem exfoliator is a great solution for everyone, as it not only removes dead cells but also reduces the oily secretions of the skin, giving it softness, vitality and dazzling radiance.
  4. renew your daily routine by pampering yourself and your skin using useful herbal masks. Neem mask is an ideal treatment for bacteria and for cleansing and moisturizing the skin, making it softer and brighter.

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