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The benefits of sunflower seeds

The benefits of sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds or sunflowers or moonflowers came its name from a flower whose petals are yellow and follow the path of sunlight throughout the day, and sunflower seeds have been known for more than 500 years in the Americans and the Spanish, and then spread in the rest of the countries, and after this type of seed is one of the most These seeds have many benefits a method will know you about.

The benefits of sunflower seeds :

  1. Reduces the percentage of fat that is harmful to the body thanks to the fatty acids contained in it and helps protect coronary arteries from diseases and helps prevent clots
  2. Maintain healthy teeth and gums
  3. Diuretic and especially for people with urinary problems
  4. It is considered as a treatment and Prevention of malaria as well
  5. Works to trengthen the bone is working to protect them from fractures and protection from osteoporosis
  6. The seeds of olfactory vertigo produce hormones, enzymes and red blood cells
  7. Helps to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood
  8. It works to protect the brain from neurodegeneration and helps to reduce anxiety and stress
  9. It also has a great benefit for pregnant women in protecting the fetus from malformations that affect the neural tube
  10. Lowering blood sugar

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