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The best alternative to white sugar ?

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An alternative to white sugar is suitable if you are looking to reduce sugar in your diet but can't stop eating sweets? Several natural local alternatives do not contain artificial ingredients and are suitable to add to your favorite baked goods and desserts and make them healthy.

The right first step to starting this system is to eat natural ingredients, such as dates, maple syrup, palm sugar.

Honey and use in the preparation of cookies and truffles to smoothies. These ingredients not only have a distinctive and rich flavor and texture that improves baked goods and sweets, but they are also ( such as dates) an excellent source of nutrients, especially when combined with other good foods such as ground nuts and flaxseed flour, and the glycemic index of these sweeteners is low, which helps to deal with blood sugar conditions. Index glycine is (Classification of carbohydrates on a scale from 0 to 100 based on how high the blood sugar after eating).

There are 3 Common sweetening sources directly from nature

1. Coconut sugar, maple syrup

Maple Syrup comes from the sap of the Maple Sugar Tree, and fits into the cake but being thin and half viscous it is perfect for baked goods.

Like when you want to edit cookies without an oven and not too sweet of oats, chocolate, use maple syrup.

Coconut sugar, also another alternative and used as a natural sweetener in Southeast Asia for thousands of years, can be tried in place of white or brown sugar in cookie or toffee recipes.

2. Fruit, dates, raisins and figs

Despite its dark brown color and wrinkled appearance, dates have long been a source of happiness and excellent food because of their rich fiber content. In addition to vitamin A, B6 and K.

It's also great with walnuts or wrapped in cinnamon balls, or with dark chocolate donuts, cocoa and ground hazelnuts.

Medjool dates are the wettest and best for making cakes without an oven or juices, and Deglet Noor dates are best for baked goods.

Raisins and dried figs, like dates, are natural sweeteners that give a deep flavor to any recipe.

3. Honey

Honey is 50% more sweet than sugar, and varies in flavor and color depth depending on the Bee system. Bearing in mind that baked goods containing honey tend to be extra moisture, dense and faster to redden when baking than those made from sugar.

Honey is a source of sweetener for confectionery made from ground coffee beans.

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