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The best types of herbal oils to balance hormones

The best types of herbal oils to balance hormones

 Herbal oils help in a good way to balance hormones, and certain oils benefit progesterone, estrogen, improve thyroid hormones and help men promote low testosterone, and herbal oils are used as a treatment for several diseases and improve many health aspects.

The most important herbal oils to balance hormones in the body:

1. Mirmiya oil

A 2014 study found that inhaling mirmia oil improves the ability to lower cholesterol by about 36%, and improves the level of thyroid hormone.

The study was conducted on women aged 50 and at the break of the menstrual cycle, and some were diagnosed with depression, and at the end of the experiment the researchers statistically acknowledged that mirmia oil has a good effect in lowering cholesterol, has anti-depressant effects and improves mood, and this study is only one of hundreds that have demonstrated the benefits of this oil for hormones.

But the greatest benefit is the ability of mirmia oil to balance the production of estrogen in the body, as there are many diseases that are formed by the increase of this hormone such as sterile, cancer, partly due to eating foods of a high level of it.

Because marmalian oil helps balance estrogen production levels, and a natural remedy to relieve menstrual pain, add it to your herbal oil diet list.

2.Thyme oil

A study showed that thyme oil has progesterone balance effects.

Thyme oil improves progesterone production, whose decline is associated with infertility in men and many women, and causes depression and pcosmy to imbalance the hormone in the body.

Therefore, the use of thyme oil naturally improves and balances hormones in the body, which is better than the use of synthetic drugs, and the use of antidepressant drugs that have a lot of side effects.

3.Wooden sandal oil

Sandal oil is one of the strongest and most influential oils in the testosterone level balance in men and women, and actually acts as a natural sex erstander and has significant benefits in improving libido and hormones.

Sandal oil has a breathtaking smell and has been included in the installation of men's perfumes for years, and a few drops of it can be added to the home air conditioner to spread a good smell all over the place.
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