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The blackness under the eye causes and treatment

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Blackness under the eyes its causes and treatment are known to many and is a condition of hyperpigmentation under the pilgrims' area of the eyes, which is not a pathological condition as much as it is an external condition that affects the general appearance of the face, and affects anyone at any age, and has become a widespread and disturbing condition for many

Causes of dark circles

  • Stagnation of skin melanin and blood under the eyes
  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and appear as large spots
  • Excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays stimulating melanin production
  • Hormonal changes and weight gain during pregnancy hyperpigmentation in the area
  • Aging of the skin leads to loss of collagen and elastin in the area, which causes thinning of the skin
  • Lack of sleep and fatigue is a cause of subcutaneous aneurysm and shadow in the dilated area
  • Atopic dermatitis is an inflammatory skin condition represented by eczema associated with itching, bloating, and redness
  • In addition to the genetic factor, excessive crying, stress, a lifestyle of smoking, drinking alcohol, and a diet poor in vitamin K, with poor blood circulation in the area

How to treat blackness under the eyes?

The available options may be home remedies or cosmetics or laser and peeling, and other treatments but will return to appear if we do not treat the main cause of blackness, and we note that most of the causes of the condition is the occurrence of stagnation and lack of activity in the area shaded by blackness, so some studies found effective and simple.


 Massage the lower area of the eye very gently without compressing it, to activate cells and fluid movement.


Close the eyes and begin to relax, then open the eyes and raise the eyebrows with fingers, for a few seconds, and then repeat it 7 times a day.


We close the eyes, then we begin to move the eyes closed by looking right, left, up, and down, and repeat this 7 times.


We lie whole body on the bed, head on the pillow, and then move the chin towards the chest for ten seconds, then relax and repeat this at least five times.

Exercise (5)

Sit and breathe normally, then look at the nose for three seconds (five counts), then relax, this helps to relieve tension on the eye muscles.


Yoga is an important and necessary step to improve the work of the capillaries stagnant and revitalization, perhaps most notably for this case is the state of standing and bending the back, hands, wings, toward the feet, which helps activate the nervous system, increasing blood flow to the face, relieve panic black and remove wrinkles.

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