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The health benefits of olive oil for hair and body

The health benefits of olive oil for hair and body

One of the things that we rely on a lot in cooking is olive oil, it adds a wonderful flavor to the dish, extracted from a blessed tree mentioned in the Qur'an, and as stated in the honorable effect "Eat the oil and paint it" and for this oil extracted from the blessed tree great benefits for the heart, body and health in general and specifically for hair and eyelashes, and on the throat and here are the most important benefits

Health benefits of olive oil:

  1. Used to relieve tooth pain
  2.  Reduces blood pressure
  3. Helps treat degenerative diseases
  4. Improves memory
  5. Increases arterial elasticity
  6. Reduces the risk of stroke
  7. Reduces the risk of heart disease and crisis
  8. Sunburn Treatment
  9. Reduces the appearance of acne in the skin
  10.  Protects red blood cells it is an antioxidant
  11. Fights stretch marks in the skin
  12. Moisturizer for severely dry skin
  13. Strengthening, intensifying, lengthening hair, increasing shine and lengthening eyelashes
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