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The most important sources of natural protein

The most important sources of natural protein

Natural protein sources are many, keep your health and the health of your family and children, looking at a list of good and useful food that provides the necessary protein, because proteins are one of the most important components to build muscle and also help strengthen hair and protect it from falling and split and also strengthen nails and protect it from cracking and cracking.

Protein sources natural :

1.Fruits and vegetables

As is known, it is necessary to eat 5 types of proteins per day, but how much should it be consumed?

For proteins coming from fruits and vegetables, their size should be a fist filling, it can be represented by an apple or an orange, 3 tablespoons of peas, a cereal bowl with salad.

In the same context, with regard to vegetable proteins, make sure that in the main meals at least one third of your plate is filled with vegetables, while keeping in mind that potatoes are not counted.

 2.Rice, bread, pasta

Helps bread, rice, pasta and other foods rich in bicarbonates such as grains, potatoes, increase the body's energy, make you feel full between meals, try to avoid takeaway as much as possible.

You need between 5-11 servings of this cuisine depending on your age, gender, and activity levels.

 3.Milk and dairy

Make sure daily to get the required amount of consumption for your body of 2-3 proteins, and 3-4 proteins for both children, pregnant, and lactating, and milk is an important source of one type of protein (you can add it to hot drinks and sauces).

It's just one protein, the protein from a small bowl of yogurt that includes 30 grams of hard cheese, or 100 grams of cottage cheese.


Researchers recommend eating no more than 500 grams of cooked red meat per week, equivalent to 700 grams of raw meat.

5.Other sources of proteins

Meat alone is not a source of proteins; fish, eggs, nuts, beans, legumes, and grains are rich, healthy and more beneficial to the environment.

Eat 150 grams of Whitefish, 100 grams of oily fish such as sardines, two medium-sized eggs, three tablespoons of cereals and legumes or 25 grams of nuts and seeds

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