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The most important uses and benefits of honey

The most important uses and benefits of honey

Honey is a great material, used for centuries by man in many delicious dishes, in treatment, and has many colors and flavors. But honey also has many uses outside the kitchen. Ancient Egyptians long ago presented honey as religious vows to their gods, and used it for skin care, wound healing, and embalming. Honey has antibacterial properties, especially the dark color of it.  

Here we offer 7 different uses of honey away from the kitchen.

Alternative honey uses:

1. Treats wounds

What used to work for the ancient Egyptians will also work today, and because of the antibacterial properties of honey, it makes it an option when you need rapid treatment for wounds, skin scraping or burns.

*Wash the affected area with cold water and soap, then dry it, and put a little honey on top of it.

2. Resists parasites in the intestines

Mix part of the vinegar with a portion of water and part of the honey, it may not taste good but helps when you develop a moderate case of parasites, and when the symptoms do not fade, see your doctor to prescribe a more effective medication.

3. Quick treatment for post-alcohol headaches

The natural sugar contained in honey helps to metabolism alcohol more quickly, so you can take a spoonful of it, when sore head after drinking, and does not harm accompanying his tea.

4. Face Wash

Honey is rich in natural and perfect facial xvolants, try washing it with honey and warm water for softer skin and less blisters, an excellent home remedy. For a great result, wipe some honey on your face and leave for at least half an hour, remove gently, and repeat several times for a beautiful look.

5. Boosts energy 

Feeling weak during tough work in the sun, take a dash with honey and get more strength to finish your work. Researchers have discovered that honey helps athletes by providing them with energy.

6. Good sleep

Salted honey reduces levels of stress hormones that make sleep difficult.
When feeling thinner try putting a little mixture on your tongue, making sure it can spread relaxation in your body and prepare it for sleep.

7. Deep hair moisturizer

Apply honey to the ends of your hair to resist wrinkles and breakage, and you can paint the hair completely to increase its shine.
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