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The most powerful natural antibiotics and their types

The most powerful natural antibiotics and their types

Natural antibiotics are the solution when we feel the first feeling that we are not well, fedrahm prevention is better than a thousand treatments, it is necessary to prevent before inflammation and build a natural internal immunity before entering the problems of chemical medicine and its effects ,and can overeat these foods immediately feeling that there is something abnormal you feel, because


It is taken orally or with topical application directly to sores or wounds.

 Honey has a inhibitory ability for the growth of bacteria, enhances immunity.

Treatment for stomach Wales lining of the stomach when taken regularly.

Echinacea plant

Is a plant grown in America is used to strengthen the immune system and fight inflammation.

Eating every few weeks protects against colds and flu.

Supports white blood cells to resist diseases.


Need an antibiotic is sulfur.

An effective expectorant for the excretion of sputum from the lungs.

Regular intake helps fight bacteria, improve blood circulation.


Contains allicin, which has antibacterial properties.

It helps to lower cholesterol levels, burning fat if taken on an empty stomach resulting in lower weight and blood pressure.

A remedy for food poisoning if it is in the form of juice.

Green tea

Antioxidant against free radicals.

Not an antibiotic, but an enhancer of the efficiency and mechanism of action of antibiotics.

Rose water

 Used with natural cosmetics to cleanse the face and fight bacteria.

 Antiseptic for wounds, applied directly to sores and burns, prevent bacteria from entering open wounds, accelerates their recovery.

Grape seed extract

It gives a take-off impulse to the immune system, enhances its functions.

Rich in antioxidants, to remove diseases resulting from free radicals in the bloodstream, thereby promotes health and beauty.

The difference between natural antibiotics and anti-pharmaceutical

Eating these natural foods, gradually develops the body's resistance to infections, strengthens its immunity towards diseases and thus improves the overall quality of life.  Pharmacokinetics causes side effects over time, especially in the liver.

Drug antibiotics with long periods, cause the body's resistance to them, forcing us to raise the percentage of effective concentrations in them, and this would increase the side effects of these drugs, but natural cases of resistance of the body have not been recorded.

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