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The qualities of the left-handed that many people don't know

The qualities of the left-handed that many people don't know

 The left-handed person, is the person who uses his left hand by writing or eating or anything that requires the use of the hand, these people are less than normal people who use the right hand, and there are strange facts about the left-handed person may not know about them all, here are these strange facts about the left-handed person read:

Strange facts about a left-handed person :

 1-it is not a purely genetic condition:

 scientists do not conclusively confirm why some people use their left hand, only 25% of cases are hereditary.Studies confirm that this situation is related to genetics, to certain extent but not as intelligence, the Real who share the same genes may use a supported different in their daily lives.

There are many theories that determine which hand we write with, but many experts argue the existence of some kind of randomness in this topic. is to some extent related to stress during pregnancy:

 a British study confirmed that most pregnant women touch their faces with their left hand more often than with their right hand when subjected to psychological stress, and these are the first signs that may indicate that their child will be left-handed. There is further evidence to support this theory; in 2008 a Swedish study of mothers of 5-year-olds who experienced psychological stress during their pregnancy, their children tended to use both their hands or their left hand. In other studies, children born with light weights or to older mothers were most left-handed.

 3-more visible in cases of twins:

 most often the twins Mirror one another so one is right-handed and the other is left-handed, another study indicates that most of those who use their left hand were originally twins (in the embryonic case) but their siblings died in the womb. Even if this is not true, this condition in twins is a weakness, and a 1996 Belgian study indicates that 21% of true and false twins are left-handed.

4-the brain does not work all that differently:

 most people who use their right hand use their left half of their brain for language processing and writing, but this does not mean that those who use their left hand use their right half of their brain for language processing. About 98% of those who use their right hand process languages in the left half of the brain as well as 70% of left-handed people, only 30% of whom use the right half of the brain.

5. linked to the risk of mental health problems: 

studies indicate that people with disabilities are the most vulnerable to mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and constitute 40%, which is a large percentage.

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