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The reasons for the appearance of gray hair at the age of thirty, suddenly?

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The appearance of gray hair at the age of thirty or early does it indicate dysfunction in the human body? In a recent study, researchers confirmed that men with gray hair are more likely to develop cardiovascular disease, noting that gray hair is a sign of the biological age of the body that does not always match the actual age of people.

According to the newspaper” Augsburger Allgemeine” German Van appearance of early gray hair in a large proportion has some of the men compared to others is an indicator that they're more likely to diseases atherosclerosis because The indicates that the heart muscle does not reach its blood as required.

Researchers explain the relationship between gray hair and heart disease with DNA. Graying increases whenever DNA malfunctions occur, when a large number of reactive oxygen compounds are formed during metabolism or when hormonal changes occur. Here it concerns the same mechanisms that can cause atherosclerosis. Graying does not cause heart disease, nor does heart disease cause graying. What's there is that gray hair and heart disease have the same etiology, the same paper adds.

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