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The right way to wash apples to remove waxy material

The right way to wash apples to remove waxy material

 Companies exporting apples and other types of fruit such as bananas, encapsulate this fruit with waxy material by spraying this fruit with that substance during the stages of packaging, the underlying reason behind this process is the return of the waxy material lost by apples during the washing process, which has several functions, where the wax material protects apples from the storage factor, protects it from loss of fluid inside it, and gives it a distinctive aesthetic appearance which can be observed in American apples, but the common idea that this waxy substance is toxic or carcinogenic is inaccurate and generally circulated, so people think that you should not buy this apple or wash the apples with hot water to remove the wax.

What is apple wax?

Its industrial name candellia wax, a wax derived from some desert plants - carnauba wax (imported from Brazil and Australia, from carnouba palm leaves) - either shilak wax or shellac wax is extracted from some insects the main difference between natural wax and artificially added wax Is the presence of ursolic ursolic acid, which is a major component of apple wax, and is not found in carnoba wax or shilak as well as there is microchristalin, ascitarch acid (E570) and listhine (E322) as well as a natural source of wax Bees.

Perhaps all the lady of the house has to do is wash the apples thoroughly with warm water before serving it to the family and the issue is very simple, or you can peel the apples but that will deprive you of the benefits of great apple peel.

According to Dr. Jamil al-Qudsi, "Even if this waxy substance is eaten, it is harmless, but to increase the reserve we recommend removing this wax layer by soaking apples with water-diluted rosemary vinegar so that it is placed in every liter 20 ml of rosemary vinegar, vinegar has a solvent effect for this industrial wax layer (safe), and we choose rosemary specifically for its great role of antioxidant and detoxifying as many scientific studies indicate, thus benefiting from vinegar and rosemary together.

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